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   Event Details - Fortune of Wolves (Theatre New Brunswick)


  • Start Date: Thursday October 12
  • End Date: Sunday October 22
  • Start Time: 07:30 PM
  • Location: Open Space Theatre - 55 Whiting Rd
  • Phone Number: 506-460-1381
  • Event Website: Website


Theatre New Brunswick launch new season with epic New Brunswick play, Fortune of Wolves.

The dark imagery of Stephen King meets the catastrophic world of The Walking Dead.
October 12-22, 2017 at the Open Space Theatre, 55 Whiting Road, Fredericton

(Fredericton) Theatre New Brunswick will take audiences on a cross-Canada adventure steeped in mystery as they kick off a new season with the world premiere production, Fortune of Wolves.

Inspired by playwright Ryan Griffith’s love for his home province and his deep fascination with elements of mystery and the unknown, Fortune of Wolves is a coming-of-age story at a most unfortunate time.

“Fortune of Wolves is the story of a young Maritimer who decides to travel across the country after the death of his grandmother,” said TNB artistic director Thomas Morgan Jones. “Obsessed with sound recordings, he plans to interview strangers along the way. During this journey, the world changes and people begin disappearing. As the world becomes a barren landscape, we see the plot develop and experience the change in the world through all of the characters he meets.”

Each performance of Fortune of Wolves will follow a slightly different narrative as the story plays out through several Canadian communities. The play’s structure is designed in such a way as to welcome new voices and characters into each performance with actors actually rolling dice prior each show to determine which characters the audience will meet. And with more than 60 characters in total, there are more than a million possible performances. No two performances will be the same!

For this production, the company is pleased to welcome returning actor Graham Percy (The Boat/Beaverbrook) and happy to introduce Carlos Gonzalez-Vio, Kimwun Perehinec, and Michaela Washburn to New Brunswick audiences.

“The play’s story takes place over thirteen months, and each month has seven monologues or sections,” said Jones. “This means there is over nine hours of material. Each night the final production will be just shy of three hours. That means that these four remarkable actors will be carrying all of these stories inside them, and will be adapting the story and the production on a nightly basis. To rehearse ten minutes of the show, we ultimately rehearse over an hour of material. The trust and complete abandon of the company of artists in the room (actors, designers, and stage management) is truly humbling.”

Through support received from ArtsNB, Griffith was able to travel to more than 50 communities through New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and into Central Canada to observe and collect the character traits and regional dialects that would come to shape the play’s diverse cast of characters making this work a truly Canadian story.

“It is touching, personal, and a masterpiece of new Canadian playwriting,” said Jones. “It’s one of the single most challenging and artistically rich processes I have ever been a part of.”

Simply put, Fortune of Wolves is one of the most engaging and daring works in the company’s 49 year history, and a play you won’t want to miss.

Fortune of Wolves opens October 12 and runs until October 22 at the Open Space Theatre in Fredericton. The production will then tour the province with performances in Bathurst, Miramichi, Moncton, Sackville, St. Andrews, Saint John and Woodstock.

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